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Boulder Sports Massage

Josh Shadle, RMT

Boulder Sports Massage Therapist
12 Years Experience

Josh Shadle and TRI-Massage are a proud partner or Boulder Sports Acupuncture.  Josh graduated from the Boulder College of Massage Therapy with a 1000+hour’s experience. Josh is a 5x All-American USAT triathlete and was a track & field elite runner prior to triathlon. “I like to call myself a Movement Specialist because honestly, that’s what I am.” Most people see Josh Shadle for Manual Muscle Testing, Deep Tissue or Boulder Sports Massage. “There is huge value in empowering and educating my clients to make lasting changes” –Josh.

Boulder College of Massage Therapy 2006

Boulder Deep Tissue
Boulder Sports Massage
Neuromuscular Therapy
Manual Muscle Testing
Trigger Point Therapy



Boulder Sports Acupuncture is also affiliated with Fixt Movement, and we are proud to now offer massages!

Fixt Movement was established by Darcie Jones & Geoff Hower with the mission to create a community of people that are educated and empowered to keep moving and doing what they love. Our unique blend of injury treatment and sports recovery massage is perfect for the active individual. If you play hard and train hard, you need to recover hard and the standard “Swedish relaxation” approach just doesn’t cut it! Our approach is intense, specific, and effective. Our clients happily grit their teeth and embrace the pain because they know they will feel better after and get back to doing what they love. Get out, get moving, get fixt!